Security & Door Hosts

When looking for peace of mind and to keep your guests safe, a security service is the first point of call. Our partners are not only licensed, trained and experienced but carefully selected to be welcoming and friendly to help create a positive first impression and overall experience for your guests.

Though your guest satisfaction is important to us, our professional team is able to manage incidents with a calm collected manner ensuring only the necessary steps are taken to diffuse the situation in the most appropriate manner.

Our full service approach to event security means that we are able to cater to your exact requirements for whatever type of function you are hosting. This may include:

  • Planning, management and consulting
  • Alcohol management to meet your obligations under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act
  • Door Hosts
  • Roving Security
  • Crowd control and access point management


Our rates start from just $35/hr (+gst) and we will assist in coordinating things on your behalf from choosing the most appropriate staff, dressed in the best suited attire and managing the process ensuring your function goes forward on schedule and without a hitch.


So if you are looking for experienced, friendly and reliable security services or have any questions Contact Us to discuss things further.